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31 July 2006 @ 10:56 pm
Duty Calls Rules  
Read these BEFORE applying.

Word on the street is you want to apply at duty_calls. First, let us pat you on the back for your most excellent decision! But a word of warning, by emailing us your application you are indicating that not only have you have read the statements below but meet the qualifications spelled out by them and agree to follow the rules.

ALL duty_calls players are expected to be familiar with the series 'House M.D.' Don’t apply if you haven't seen at least all of season 1 and more than half of season 2.

For further reading see: [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_M.D. ]

We believe in quality over quantity. duty_calls players will be expected to take the time to write creative, imaginative role-play and journal entries, to spell and grammar check what they write, and to make sure it follows canon. If you are not capable of, or interested in taking the time to do so, stop now. Do not collect $200, do not pass Go. Do not apply for this RPG.

That said, it’s not ALL hard work ALL the time. Sometimes the occasion calls for a one or two line journal entry. That is fine providing not all your character journal entries are so short. All posts in a thread must be at least seven sentences long. C'mon, people, how hard it two small paragraphs? It's hard to know how to respond if you have no idea what the other person is feeling or doing.

Please take the time to spell check your application. If you cannot spell check your application, what are the odds that you will spell check your role-play posts and journal entries? Slim to none, my friend. Slim to none.

Application approvals will be sent out via email, as will application rejections. One to five days after you apply, you will receive an acceptance letter, or a rejection letter. Lots of time it's the same day or next day!

At this point in time, we ARE accepting original characters. See this list for details.

If you are accepted, you must create a LiveJournal account specifically for that character and specifically for this RPG. The LJ user name you chose must revolve around your character. You have two days after acceptance to create the LJ account and apply for membership to the communities.

We expect our players to: work out OOC details via the OOC comm duty_calls_ooc, AIM, or email. If you are incapable of doing so, do not bother applying. As mods, we work hard to help our players work together, but if you are so shy that you can’t send an OOC email to another player or ping somebody on AIM, there is not much we can do to help you.

PBs (the person representing your character in an icon format) should be a fair representation of your character’s age, and keep in mind there are degrees of attractiveness, especially if you plan on applying for an OC.

And here are the “Game Rules”, the things that make duty_calls run smoothly etc. etc. Follow them or be sporked!!

You are more then welcome to play more then one character. However at the beginning, you are limited to signing up for one. If after three weeks you feel able to take on a second character, we encourage you to apply for one. The maximum number of characters a Player can have is three.


i. Being active is essential for this RPG. In order for plots to advance and such, we require you to post one journal entry every week (7 days) and be involved in four role-play sessions per character per month.
ii. By “journal entry” we mean a minimum of one paragraph that sums up your characters activities for a specific period of time, or something that moves game or character plot forward.
iii. One or two line journal entries do NOT count for your posting requirements.
iv. These are the MINIMUM requirements. If you post more then this, we will love you. If you post less then this, we will spork you.

Every week there will be a post made in the mod journal pointing out people who need to update their journals. This isn’t to put you on the spot or make you feel bad, its just so that we know who needs to pick up there game, and sometimes as a player we just forget. (If there is a reason you can't participate for a while, let us know! We are friendly and understanding.)

OOC posts go in the OOC comm duty_calls_ooc, not your journals. There is to be nothing out of character occurring in your character journal. If you wish, you may join the OOC comm duty_calls_ooc with your regular journal. This makes it easier to stay up to date on everything going on behind the scenes and eliminates to need to log in as a character to read what is going on.

We are only human. Mistakes happen. If you happen to make a mistake, please try and fix it as soon as possible.


i. Please, no netspeak in your entries.
ii. No smiles ( :) :( < ) etc. either.
iii. Some spelling and grammar errors are to be expected in JOURNAL ENTRIES if it is considered IN CHARACTER.
iv. RP threads should be at LEAST spell checked before posting. We will not kill you if you make the odd mistake, but if we notice it becoming a trend, we will be talking to you about it OOC.

Please be as canon as possible to the spirit of your character. If you want to do something unusual, justify it through role-play. Don't simply turn around and declare that, for example, House and Brenda are friends with benefits & Brenda’s got a baby on the way. Role-play it out and give it substance.

Ultimately, it is the player that runs their characters’ lives – however - there will be instances when we will need certain characters to participate in certain plot elements. Plot will be handed out to players in many ways – email, AIM Chats/one on one conversations, or in the OOC comm duty_calls_ooc. If you aren’t happy with directed meta-plot, then don’t join.

The game does take place in 2006, after the events portrayed in 'No Reason'. Keep this in mind when talking IC.

Slash & Het relationships are allowed, but everyone isn't gay and everyone isn't straight -- ratio for the sake of the other players.

All other players in the game must be on your friend list whether you are ‘friendly’ with them or not.

Learn to separate IC knowledge from OOC knowledge. Just because you, the player, know that Sally the Intern is going to have a baby, it does not necessarily mean that your character would know the same thing. Unless your character is Gregory House ;)

Learn to separate the player from the character. Just because your character does not like Foreman, that does not mean that you have the right to be rude to, not talk to, or say bad things about Foreman’s player.

Actions have consequences. If you join a non-mod-sanctioned RP involving characters breaking rules, you might get caught!

Inactive players and characters will be removed after 30 (thirty) days of inactivity. We will try to talk to you, track you down etc. at various points during this 30 days but if you are hard to find, or unavailable, we will take action.

Exceptions to this rule: when players notify the Mods of any absences they might have.

Consistent use of poor spelling and grammar will result in a warning. After three warnings, you will be removed from the game.

Leave all OOC baggage at the door. If you are having a problem with another player talk to a Mod. We are nice people and will take all situations that arise with players on a one to one basis.

By joining us at duty_calls, you agree to abide by these rules and follow the guidelines provided for journal entry and Role Play posts. You also agree to sell your souls to the Mods and name your first born child after Del’s cat.

This list would not have been possible (literally) without my darling, beautiful Kel.
Dr. Audrey Reardon: Undone (hairdo)audrey_reardon on August 2nd, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
Read 'em!
dr_lcuddy on August 2nd, 2006 08:18 pm (UTC)