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31 July 2006 @ 10:56 pm
Available/Taken characters!  
Other than Diagnostics, we are willing to have two fellowships. One for Dr. Wilson and the other set up with completely original characters for a Psych department. I will eventually write out plot and figure something out for this.

Feel free to send in applications of original characters. Granted: you will need to add the school they studied at, their rank in the department, how long they've been at the PPTH.

Bold = Taken.
Italics = Wanted.
Underlined = Pending.

Lisa Cuddy = intenzioni

House and his Ducklings Diagnostics Department
Gregory House = gimpy_doctor
Robert Chase = not_a_wombat
Eric Foreman = not_a_duckling
Allison Cameron = throughtrauma

Wilson and his Ducklings Oncology Department
James Wilson = jimmy_wilson_md
Maggie Owens = maggie_owens
There are two open spot here, apply if interested!

Psychiatric Department
There are three open slots and one head of department here, apply if interested!

You can apply for a nurse, unit secretary, and we are thinking of expanding the departments to neurology, so feel free to apply for anything!

Peter Alves = peter_its3am (Lab tech)

- Nurse
- Folks... She's Brenda
(several episodes)

Dr. Kubisak
- Maternity Ward Doctor
- White, Male, Dark Hair
- Talked with Dr. Lim in lounge
(1.4 Maternity)

Dr. Lim
- surgeon
- operated on Naomi
- Friends with Dr. Kubisak
- Dealt with Hardlings baby in 1.4 Maternity
- Male, Asian, Young
(1.4 Maternity and 1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Bergen
- surgeon
- Got tricked into removing the tumor of House's patient
- NOT a fan of House
- male
(1.6 Socratic Method)

Dr. Wilson
- ophthalmologist
- The OTHER Dr. Wilson at Princeton-Plainsboro
(1.14 Control)

Dr. Taylor
- Board Member, speciality unknown
- Voted to keep Wilson on the Board
(1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Peevy
- Board Member, speciality unknown
- Voted to keep Wilson the Board
(1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Simpson
- Board Member, speciality unknown
- male, middle-to-upper aged, white
- Called Volger "Edward"
- Yelled at Volger in Cuddy's defense
(1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Prather
- oncologist
- runs the clinic trails on small-cell lung cancer
- older, white hair and beard, kind of looks like Donald Sutherland
(1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Brown:
- Oncologist and Board Member
- Voted to keep Wilson on the Board
(1.18 Babies and Bathwater)

Dr. Ayersman
- transplant surgeon
- House bribes him to do surgery on his patient
- cheats on his wife with a nurse
(2.08 The Mistake)

- Hooker
- Sharp looking girl, great smile
(2.12 Distractions)

- House's massage therapist
- Spanish, dangerously good-looking
(1.10 Detox and 2.22 Who's Your Daddy?)
(Deleted comment)
Dr. Gregory Housegimpy_doctor on August 28th, 2006 06:43 am (UTC)
Sorry, but we've already cast a Foreman. Feel free to apply for any of the other available characters :)
(Deleted comment)
The Duty Calls Mod Journaldutycallsmods on August 29th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
I apologise for that, we've been doing some housekeeping so we weren't able to keep this list as up-to-date as we wished. But it is now, and we would love to see an application for any available character up there! :)